Ladies Fixtures 2023

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Day Date Event Format Category Times Booking
Sat 25-Mar Capt. V Vice Capt. Match (H'cap 4B.B.B. Matchplay) (L&G) 0800 & 1300  
Mon-Fri 27-31-Mar Course Works        
Sun 02-Apr Ladies Opening Day (Stableford) (L) 1115-1137  
Wed 05-Apr Ladies EMD (Strokeplay) (L) 0930-0945 & 1715-1730  
Sun 09-Apr Ladies Stableford 1   (L) 1115-1137  
Wed 12-Apr Ladies Coronation Foursomes   (L) 0930-0945 & 1715-1730  
Sun 16-Apr 4B.B.B. (Pairs) Stableford Open   (L&G) 0730-1400  
Wed 19-Apr Ladies Captains Prize (Strokeplay) (L) 0930-0945 & 1715-1730  
Sun 23-Apr Ladies EMD (Strokeplay) (L) 1115-1137  
Mon 24-Apr Ladies April 9 Holes (Strokeplay) (L) (book own tee times)  
Wed 26-Apr Ladies April Medal   (L) 0930-0945 & 1715-1730  
Sun 30-Apr Mixed Open (Greensomes) (M) 1000 - 1400  
Wed 03-May Ladies Par Competition (Strokeplay) (L) 0930-0945 & 1715-1730  
Sun 07-May Ladies Fair Shield (Strokeplay) (L) 1115-1137  
Mon 08-May Junior Ewan Cameron Shield (Strokeplay) (J) 1330-1400  
Wed 10-May Ladies Mallinson Trophy 1st Round (Strokeplay) (L) 0930-0945 & 1715-1730  
Wed 17-May Ladies Mallinson Trophy 2nd Round (Strokeplay) (L) 0930-0945 & 1715-1730  
Wed 24-May Ladies May Medal   (L) 0930-0945 & 1715-1730  
Mon 29-May Ladies May 9 Holes (Strokeplay) (L) (book own tee times)  
Wed 31-May Ladies Ella Steedman 1st Round (Strokeplay) (L) 0930-0945 & 1715-1730  
Sun 04-Jun Ladies Ella Steedman 2nd Round (Strokeplay) (L) 1115-1137  
Mon 05-Jun Junior June Medal   (J) 1330-1400  
Wed 07-Jun Ladies Ella Steedman 3rd Round (Strokeplay) (L) 0930-0945 & 1715-1730  
Wed 14-Jun Ladies Memorial Trophy (Strokeplay) (L) 0930-0945 & 1715-1730  
Sun 18-Jun Ladies Dr. Alister MacKenzie Medal   (L) 1115-1137  
Wed 21-Jun Ladies June Medal   (L) 0930-0945 & 1715-1730  
Mon 26-Jun Ladies June 9 Holes (Strokeplay) (L) (book own tee times)  
Wed 28-Jun Ladies McCormack Stableford Cup   (L) 0930-0945 & 1715-1730  
Sun 02-Jul EMD (Strokeplay) (L) 1115-1137  
Mon-Fri 03-07-Jul Course Works        
Mon 10-Jul Junior July Medal   (J) 1330-1400  
Wed 12-Jul Ladies July Medal   (L) 0930-0945 & 1715-1730  
Sun 16-Jul Ladies Basket Trophy (Stableford) (L) 1115-1137  
Wed 19-Jul Ladies Caira Rosebowl 1st Round (Strokeplay) (L) 0930-0945 & 1715-1730  
Wed 23-Jul Mixed Challenge Cup (Stableford) (L) 1115-1200  
Mon 24-Jul Ladies July 9 Holes (Strokeplay) (L) (book own tee times)  
Wed 26-Jul Ladies Caira Rosebowl 2nd Round (Strokeplay) (L) 0930-0945 & 1715-1730  
Wed 26-Jul Junior Summer League (Strokeplay) (J) 1330-1400  
Wed 02-Aug Ladies Club Championship 1st Round Qualifier (Strokeplay) (L) 0930-0945 & 1715-1730  
Wed 09-Aug Ladies Club Championship 2nd Round Qualifier (Strokeplay) (L) 0930-0945 & 1715-1730  
Fri 11-Aug Ladies Club Championship Semi-Finals (Scr. Matchplay) (L) 1700-1715  
Sun 13-Aug Ladies Club Championship Final (Scr. Matchplay) (L) 11:15  
Wed 16-Aug Ladies August Medal   (L) 0930-0945 & 1715-1730  
Fri 25-Aug Course Works        
Mon 28-Aug Ladies August 9 Holes (Strokeplay) (L) (book own tee times)  
Wed 30-Aug Ladies Tee to Green (Strokeplay) (L) 0930-0945 & 1715-1730  
Sun 03-Sep Ladies Stableford 2   (L) 1115-1137  
Wed 06-Sep Ladies Baites Quaich (9 Holes Strokeplay, 2 clubs & putter) (L) 0930-0945 & 1715-1730  
Wed 13-Sep Ladies Captain V Secretary (9 Holes, H'cap Matchplay) (L) 1700-1730  
Sun 17-Sep Ladies September Medal   (L) 1115-1137  
Wed 20-Sep Ladies Stableford 3   (L) 0930-0945  
Mon 25-Sep Ladies September 9 Holes (Strokeplay) (L) (book own tee times)  
Wed 27-Sep Ladies Stableford 4   (L) 0930-0945  
Sun 01-Oct Ladies All winners (Strokeplay) (L) 1100-1130  
Sun 08-Oct Ladies Open Greensomes   (L) 0930-1330  
Sat 14-Oct Memorial Day (4-Person Team Stableford) (L, J & G) 0745-1345  
Sat 18-Nov Ladies AGM & Prizegiving   (L) 1300